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CAFE Award Recipients (2015)
Publication Award (Edited Book) 


Darren Lund, E. Lisa Panayotidis, Jo Towers and Hans Smits.  Provoking Conversations on Inquiry in Teacher Education.  Peter Lang.

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

Dr. Darron Kelley. A Habermasian Perspective on Morally Valid Decision Making in School-District Administration: A Newfoundland and Labrador Case Study. (Supervisor: Walter Okshevsky; Memorial University).


Dr. Vicki Macris. Immigrant Education and the Makings of a Never Citizen: The Case of Greece.  (Supervisor: Ali Abdi & Lynette Schultz; University of Alberta).


Dr. Heather E. McGregor. Decolonizing the Nunavut School System: Stories in a River of Time. (Supervisory Committee: Penney Clarke, Peter Seixas and Michael Marker; University of British Columbia).

Master's Thesis Recognition Award​ (Inaugural)

Katie Gemmell. The Impact of Progressive Education on Roman Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Vancouver: 1924-1960. (Supervisor: Penney Clark; University of British Columbia)

Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Kurt Clausen, Nipissing University

Dr. Sharon Cook, University of Ottawa

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