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CAFE Award Recipients (2019)
Publication Award (Journal Article)
Scott Pollock and Marie-Hélène Brunet. (2018). "When it became equal”: How Historical Consciousness and Theories of Agency Can Explain Female Students’ Conceptions of Feminism.  Canadian Social Studies,  50(1), 11-24.
E. Lisa Panayotidis Dissertation Award in the Foundations of Education

Dr. Pamela Rogers, Tracing neoliberal governmentality in education: Disentangling economic crises, accountability, and the disappearance of social studies. (Supervisor: Tim Stanley; University of Ottawa).

Master's Thesis Recognition Award

Natalie Romanow, Confidence in crisis: An investigation of education strategies in a crisis-defined system. (Supervisor: Lauren Bialystok, University of Toronto/OISE).

CAFE Advising and Mentorship Award

Dr. Helen Raptis, University of Victoria

Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Theodore Christou, Queen’s University

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